Founded in 1947, Field Aerospace has achieved international acclaim for our wide range of aviation offerings – designing, engineering, and delivering state-of-the-art aircraft systems for specialized roles. Field is proud to provide our services to the world.

Field Aerospace makes ordinary aircraft extraordinary, delivering innovative, cost-effective, and reliable special mission aircraft solutions worldwide. Our interior modification capabilities seamlessly transform regional airliners into VIP or corporate shuttle aircraft. Our leading-edge avionics modification keeps your aircraft productive, profitable, and technologically advanced. Field's world-renowned engineering team designs, analyzes, tests, and certifies, with excellence gained from decades of experience. 

With the most experienced team of aeronautical, mechanical, and systems engineers of any company of its kind, Field Aerospace has what it takes to be the leading aircraft modifier to the world.

We know what products and technologies are available globally to meet our customers' needs. We have our own resources for design, engineering, fabrication and installation, flight test, and certification. And we deliver world-class customer support from program start to finish, including in-service support. 

Our Services

Special Mission Modification

Including MSA, MMA, SAR, and ISR.

Avionics Upgrades

Electronic flight bags, SatCom, flat-panel displays, and more.

Design Engineering

Expert in-house engineers who not only design solutions but execute them.


With more than 130 STCs on 64 aircraft, we have the basis to achieve additional approvals quickly. 

The Company We Keep